Members and friends of the extended family that owns and manages the Fort Union Ranch are offered the opportunity to rent the ranch’s Marshall House for weeklong stays in summer, when wranglers and horseback riding are included in the rental fee. Shorter or longer off-season stays at reduced rates are available as well, though off-season visits do not always include riding.



Now offered year round for visitors at the Fort Union ranch are a wide variety of activities—some available for an extra fee, many at no cost beyond the house rental. All activities take place on the ranch. For descriptions of these offerings and all other information, please contact Marshall House Program Supervisor Kezia Toth at


The directors of the Union Land and Grazing Company, which owns the Fort Union Ranch, ask all visitors to be aware of some long-established rules and practices when planning stays at the Marshall House—whether for a week in summer or for a shorter (or longer) period in another season.