For decades Marshall House summertime memories consisted mainly of morning horseback rides, hikes, afternoon games and swims in the pond, day trips to destinations such as Santa Fe and Taos, arrowhead hunting, picnics, and sunset truck rides. Generations of family learned to drive using the same Ford pickup; generations grew up roasting marshmallows overlooking the same enchanting vistas. 


And the ranch continues to afford this kind of authentic traditional experience. At the same time, our community has diversified and grown, and we are now excited to offer family and friends an expanded menu of optional activities and services all year round. Whether you want to relax and unplug or yearn to get your hands dirty, we look forward to helping you curate your stay. Choices range from trail rides to hands-on ranch participation and immersion, nature walks guided by local biologists, yoga lessons, massages, and chef services. But we also look forward to letting you explore and make of the experience what you will, as is time-honored family tradition. 


To organize any of the newer staff-guided activities, please contact Kezia Toth at Kezia@fortunionranch.com. We ask that you give us at least two weeks’ notice in order to arrange activities and services.