The directors of the Union Land and Grazing Company welcome you to the ranch. We ask you to observe the following rules and practices:


1.  Arrangements to visit the Fort Union Ranch are made through Jay Howland ( and Kezia Toth ( No more than 12 people may visit at any one time, regardless of age.

2.  Visitors take care of themselves at the ranch. Visiting groups are responsible for all groceries and meals (if they have not coordinated special services with Kezia) and for the general care of the Marshall House while they are there. 

3.  Please leave furniture and furnishings where they are. If any item is damaged, please tell staff. Above all, be sure to leave the house as you would wish to find it. 

4.  While out on the range, you may encounter cattle in one or more of the pastures. Please do not startle the cattle into running—it is inappropriate to do so, and it may result in management problems later. If you see damaged fences, gates, or windmills, or injured cattle, do tell the staff. 

5.  Make sure that your children and teenagers are given clear guidance if they are to be left alone at the ranch for part of a day. Please do not leave youngsters alone overnight.  Also, younger visitors should not invite others to join them at the ranch in their parents' absence.

6.  Do not bring dogs to the ranch.  This rule is for your dog’s safety, as your dog may not know its way around cattle or horses.

7.  Firearms are not allowed at the ranch under any circumstances.

8.  The legal drinking age in New Mexico is 21. Please do not serve alcohol to anyone under that age. 

9.  No smoking at the ranch.

10.  A pickup truck is available for your use. We ask everyone to help us care for the rangeland by staying on existing roads and in existing tracks. Do not use the pickup after a heavy rain. The roads become very slick and can easily be damaged. Finally, only licensed drivers may drive the pickup.

11. We have a string of ranch horses for visitors to ride and enjoy. Kezia and the wranglers are responsible for the horses. The wranglers (in summer) or appropriate FUR staff (in other seasons) accompany all rides.  

12. The wonderful library and the collections of artifacts and fossils were started by Andy and Peggy Marshall and much enhanced over the years. Family members have made many contributions.  Enjoy these resources, but please do not take them from the ranch, and try to keep them in order.